Operation Management and Environmental Protection Standards

All our steel cabinets are made of first grade cold rolled steel facilitated by high-precision tooling, imported advanced automatic equipment and machines special-designed for steel cabinet manufacture. All these guarantee our finished products are always top-quality. Different from our counterparts, YY metal not only enjoys mass production ability but also the flexibility to handle small and special orders by a dedicated special product line. This will definitely help clients to offer differentiated products and handle urgent projects.

There are four key steps of steel cabinet production:


1 Sheet metal manufacture is to conduct machining process of raw steel material. We adopt different techniques for different tooling in the process of sheet selection, leveling and feeding so as to guarantee the finished product stiffness.?

1.)Raw Material Shearing:

equipped with 1 shearing machine imported from Taiwan. It is vital to have flexible and highly precise shearing machine to meet various dimension requirements. So we always pay great attention to this very first step of product manufacturing. Besides those standard machines, we especially developed 2 gas-lift cutting machines to have one-time cutting technique so that our product shaping can be more precise.


equipped with total 23 machines of 60, 110,160 tons and 1 AMADA automatic punching machine imported Japan. The punching facilities with various specification offer great adaptability, flexibility and mobility of our production. Supplemented with high-precision tooling, we can make sure quality stability of our products from the first piece to the last one in every assembly line.


equipped with 35 and 100 tons AMADA folding machines imported from Japan suitable for multi-folds products and auto-multi-fold machines we designed on our own. Products made by these machines all have precise angles, strong structure and smooth lines. We are always proud of such perfect combination of “production” and “technique” instead of foaming purely by stamping. Being flexible, precise, beautiful and natural is the aim of YY Metal’s folding technology

2.Welding: it decides the strength and durability of products. We adopt advanced technique such as pneumatic spot welding, point welding, CO2, argon welding etc. with corresponding 31 machines in total. For certain key parts, double layer welding is set to be standard procedures. All these complete welding technology is the foundation for us to handle different technical requirement.

3.Powder coating: all processes is strictly in line with ISO standards. We use central powder supply system and electrostatic powder coating guns imported from Switzerland, reciprocating powder coating machine and anti-static powder coating house imported from Taiwan and drying oven imported from the United States.

10 Steps of Pre-coating Treatment Process for Powder Coating?

Pre-treatment is to remove all the dust, oil and contaminates from the product. This will not only increase the adhesiveness of the coating layers, but also improve its anti-rust ability. Different from other manufacturers using zinc phosphating process, we use a more environmental friendly phosphorus-free organic conversion coating for anti-rust treatment. It increases resistance to corrosion and promotes adhesion of the coating.



Electrostatic powder coating line

1. Hot water wash: cleaning product surface oil by 50 C water;
2. Pre-degreasing: degreasing after first water wash;
3. Degreasing: third round degreasing;
4. 3 times rinse;
5. Conversion coating: a phosphorus-free organic substrates;
6. 3 times rinse by pure water to get rid of chemicals.

For powder coating, we have Switzerland-made equipment to make sure the coating hardness is 2H with 100% adhesion. Besides we have developed unique technologies to realize fast powder colour change in 10 minutes which is far better than our competitors

Painting Process:

4. Assembly :We have established an effective system of mixed small and large assembly lines to assembly our products. For all products we turn out, only the high quality packaging material are selected to ensure they are all presented to our customers in the best shape. Besides, we also provide tailor-made cartons to meet our clients’ visual image standards.

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