Operation Management and Environmental Protection Standards

Since the very beginning of our Shanghai Qi Bao plant design we have set our standards to match international practice. A complete range of advanced equipment have all been well-arranged in the factory and carefully maintained. The whole factory operation is always managed in accordance with our strict quality control system. With such effective and stable production lines we can always guarantee on-time delivery and product quality no matter in a large or small quantity. YY Metal adheres to the principle of quality first, clients and credit first and observing rules and regulations. Quality supervision involves each procedure with scientific arrangement and production scheduling, which facilitates the long-term development of our company.

Both the ISO9001 quality certification standards and the ISO14001 environment certification standards are strictly implemented on procurement and production of raw materials, as well as package and storage of semi-finished products and finished products. The purpose is to comply with the international standards and make products and services better. In design team all products are given a fresh life by refined detail drawings and tooling and technical standards of quality stability are set up as well. In our production lines, each part should go through more than ten production steps. Before we send out final products, strict random inspection must be performed as per client’s request ratio. Once a defect piece is detected, we will separate the pallet and operated another full inspection just to ensure all products meet our customer quality requirements. As for delivery, we work with professional transportation companies and adopt Just-In-Time methods. This will not only greatly minimize our inventory but also increase the efficiency.?


The fast expansion of YY Metal over the years results from strict quality control and constant striving for management optimization, product quality and service refinement which help us to win clients’ trust and good reputation

Paint selection process

Shipment inspection process

With human-centered management philosophy to encourage best output, YY Metal has observed ISO18000 occupational safety and health management strategy and methods. Modern production facilities are equipped in a safe and clean working environment according to different requirements of the eight key production procedures , namely material cutting, impact rolling, molding, welding, buffing, spraying pretreatment, powder coating, packaging, and storage. We believe our care for people as a win-win strategy will turn to higher efficiency and product quality.

In the world where sustainability is a key issue right now, we always follow the highest environmentally friendly standards for all the design, products, techniques and processes we undertake. Not only to investigate the usage of recycled material for the production process, but also maximize the life span and durability of the products we provide. Efforts are also put on the integrated control of pollution involving sewage, polluted air and water, solid wastes, and hazardous wastes. The globally advanced production equipment introduced by YY Metal, powerful product development and manufacturing capacity, and strict production flow control, all these build the manufacturing system with limited energy. Sustainable development is not only a motto for us but our responsibility to the society. This is the best way to appreciate precious resources provided by mother earth.

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