Classic MD Desking system
optimize your space utilization with premium quality and strong construction
Great flexibility and smart design in terms of cable and accessory management?

Great user experience out of our attention to all details
ADH was designed to create a comfortable and user-friendly work space. It offers various configurations like management desk, single desk, meeting table and workstation with powerful full range of accessories. Its worktop comes in different shapes and colours. Plus handy cable management accessories and keyboard holds, ADH has enormous capacity to meet all kinds of needs.


  HT Desking System
    NS Executive Desk
Is a breakthrough out of the same old same old desk design. Its clear cut edge and smooth curvy lines presents your dynamism and taste.
A simple but practical desk only is made of high quality veneer and boards. It is elegant with its curve lines.

 ADH Executive Desk
Is a perfect combination of straight and curvy lines which makes the user more approachable but with dignity.
Unique desk shape with extra work top size to manifest nobility, power and authority

HT Meeting Table

 Classic Office Chair
CS Executive ChairCaptivates at first glance. Different from traditional heavy duty outlook,its luxurious and contemporary design makes it a perfect match for both modern and retro style executive desk.?
CK Executive Chair
As a swivel chair with high or medium backrest, offers impressive ergonomics and a design that really makes you feel at home. It blends with its surroundings yet still asserts its own character – always with high-quality craftsmanship.

CA Staff Chair
Is simple design with excellent seating comfort and affordable price. It is a choice value for money.
YYMetal Lounge Chair
Is a perfect integration of modern art and Chinese traditional model and also considering ergonomics.

 Classic Office Cabinet
With various form, colour and configuration pays great attention to details to offer you superior user experience.

YYMetal Wall Cabinet Collection
Has a full range of cabinets for filing and storage. This series is flexible powerful with identical appearance for easy layout design.


Lateral File Series
Has great storage and filing capacity. It facilitates hanging files neatly lined up for easy and immediate access. Certainly such way of filing in a large extent helps a company enhance efficiency.

Book Shelf Series
Is straight forward design to allow easy overview of displayed files and book. It is also good for

Vertical Files
Are designed for easy filing and file access. Equipped with heavy-duty double slider, the storage enjoy the full load up to 50kg per drawer without tilting. High quality parts plus good workmanship make sure the smooth and enjoyable sliding.

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